Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Come Help Us Set A World Record!

The Great Cloth Diaper Change is happening all over the world on Sat. April 23rd. I am one of the hosts for a location in Chandler, AZ. The Change will be happening in AZ at 9:30 a.m. the morning of the 23rd. We will be setting a world record for the most cloth diapers changed at one time. Our accomplishment will be displayed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Come out and help us set this record! Participants with babies and toddlers under 39 inches, please join us. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 9:15 a.m. No registrations able to be excepted after 9:15. If you have more than one child, please bring along someone who can help look after them as they cannot come into the diaper changing area (sorry that's a Guinness stipulation).

We'll have prizes and giveaways and come also to learn about placenta encapsulation.

The event will be hosted at Tumbleweed Park near the Playtopia. If you're not in the Phoenix area, check out for a location near you.

For more information about the change here in Chandler, AZ, visit our Facebook page:

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