Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Book Reviews

I love to read! But have you ever read a book that you finished and then felt like you wasted your time? Me too. That's why I do a book review blog in conjunction with my parenting website (http://www.theholisticparent.org/). I can't imagine my life without reading, but I don't want others to have to waste their times with books not worth reading.

This is why for every book I read, I write a review of my opinions on it. Most books I like, but if I don't I do not hesitate to be honest about my opinion and I explain why I feel the way I do. Most books I review are about parenting, birth, breastfeeding, doulas, natural healthcare, alternatives, and nutrition.

So anyway, take advantage of this resource before you run out and get a book: http://www.theholisticparent.blogspot.com/.

If you want an alphabitized list of titles, click here. I update it as often as I can, so always check the most recent posts on the blog too because sometimes I update them in chunks every so often.

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