Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to Make a Rice Heat Pack

Here is a tutorial on how to make a heat pack. I used rice in mine and really like the way they turned out. They are very easy to make.

Materials you will need:
Sewing machine or needle and thread
Rice/Corn/Beans- something for filling
Essential Oil
A funnel or something to help fill the pack

1) Once you have your fabric picked out, cut it into desired shape. There is not a standard measurement, they can come in any size you want.

2) Put the nicer sides towards the inside facing each other as shown so that you can begin to sew.

3) Sew all four sides together, but leave about a 3 inch area unsewn so that you can put in the rice.

4) Now turn the bag right side out.

5) Fill with rice. You don't have to stuff it too full because you want the pack to still be somewhat moldable. The amount of rice will differ based on how full you want your pack and how big your pack is.

I just used a jar to fill my pack. It was all I had around and I got creative. I scooped up rice into it and poured the rice into the pack. Simple.

6) If desired, you can put in some essential oil to make it smell pretty. Some people use actual dried herbs and such in their packs, but the oil works fine. You only need about 3 drops. I know that doesn't seem like much, but believe me, it is plenty. I used lavender in mine. Lavender is useful for relaxation.

7) Now finish sewing up the rest of the bag. This can be done by hand or with the sewing machine.

You now have your very own rice heat pack! Pretty simple huh? Most heat packs will stay warm for about 20 minutes and are great for relaxation, sore mucsles, a calming presence, or just if you're cold.

You can use any type of material you desire. The one in the picture is a flannel. Cotton also works well.


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