Monday, January 3, 2011

An Epiphany

I had an epiphany of sorts the other day as I was talking to my husband.

I wondered what it was that keeps women reliant on hospitals. I believe that if women truly realized how wonderful (and safe) birth can be at home, why would they choose differently?

Then it hit me! Because we've been conditioned to be scared to give birth! This fear of birth is so permeated throughout our society that women feel they need the hospital in order to have a safe birth. Too many of us are not aware of the scientific research regarding birth. If we were, we would know that hospital birth is not as safe as believed, and home birth is in most likelihood safer.

Women have this reliance on a system that we've mistakenly believed to be safe. We've been purposefully lied to.

So, what would cause a woman to take back her rights regarding her birth and not simply be a bystander at her own birth?

My answer is if her fear was gone. Fear can be debilitating. Many woman use avoidance to cope with the fear instead of taking charge of her own experience.

So, fear is where we need to address this situation. Fear is at the core of this problem. Perhaps, I have just found my life's work.

I want every woman to experience her true power during her birth. I want to support her to have a fearless birth.

More on this to come...

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