Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Natural Awakenings Article

A recent article of mine was published in Phoenix's local Natural Awakenings magazine. I have loved this magazine for quite some time, so this was certainly an honor.

Here is the article for those of you interested:

The Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation
The placenta is an organ responsible for nourishing the baby during pregnancy. Often referred to as the “afterbirth,” the placenta is birthed following the baby. The placenta is typically considered medical waste following a hospital birth, yet recent attention has been turned to the potential benefits the placenta can contain for the new mother.
The placenta has been revered in many cultures throughout history and has been used medicinally in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. The placenta is rich in hormones and nutrients, particularly B vitamins and iron.
Placentophagy is the act of consuming the placenta following delivery. This behavior is practiced by almost every mammal. While some women do experience the desire to ingest the placenta following delivery, most are not accepting of this idea. This is where placenta encapsulation becomes relevant.
For women who cannot fathom ingesting their own placentas, there is another way. The placenta can be prepared and placed into capsule form. There’s no taste to the capsules. Women do not have to see or handle the placenta, in fact, the preparation process can be completed before mom and baby are even home from the hospital.
The benefits of placenta encapsulation include:
• Replaces lost hormones, iron, and nutrients
• Increases energy
• Eases postpartum recovery
• Shortens postpartum bleeding time
• Assist the uterus in returning to pre-pregnancy size
• Promotes lactation
• Decreases incidence of postpartum depression
• Combats anxiety
• Improves cognition

Placenta encapsulation eases the transition into motherhood, making the “babymoon” period the best it can be. First, the placenta is prepared, steamed, and then dehydrated. It is then finely ground and placed into capsules. The capsules last indefinitely, and can even be frozen and saved for menopause.

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If you were lucky enough to get a copy of December's issue, the original article can be found on page 36. An ad for my services will be appearing in this publication monthly.

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